Magpie App / Internet Banking Privacy Policy

Magpie App / Internet Banking Privacy Policy

BASIC Bank Limited is strongly committed to protect the privacy of its customers and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to safeguard the confidentiality of any information of Magpie App / Internet Banking. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with our Apps.

1. Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We have always considered our customers and their interests as being of utmost priority in the provision of our products and services. For this reason and others, we are committed to ensure that the privacy of your personal, banking and financial information as well as any other information in respect of or pertaining to the same ("Information") which you have disclosed, shared, exchanged or otherwise provided to us is at all times respected, maintained, protected and safeguarded.

This Policy shall apply to all customers, visitors and users of BASIC Bank’s websites and other electronic channels. The use of the term “We” and “BASIC Bank” shall mean BASIC BankLimited and its offered products and services.

This Website may contain references or hyperlinks to other websites not operated by us. We are not responsible for the contents, or the privacy practices, of these websites. In the event you choose to use links displayed on this web site to visit other web sites, you are advised to read the privacy policies published on those sites.

2. Types of Information Which We Collect and Permission to use of Information

For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information as contact list, camera, storage, location, Internet etc. The information that we request will be retained by us and used as described in this privacy policy as follows:

2.1 Contact List: Contact permission to make user friendly user interface for Recharge, Fund Transfer to MFS, Forgot User ID, Forgot User Password, Self-Registration where user can select his desired contact number from contact list instead of manually enter.

2.2 Camera: App requires permission to access your camera when it needs in uploading profile picture, scanning QR Code in Merchant Payment and Cash by QR.

2.3 Read External Storage: App requires storage permission, if user want to save Fund Transfer Voucher, Mobile Recharge Voucher, Bill Payment Voucher and others voucher to write in external storage.

2.4 Location: “Magpie” collects your location data to show you the nearest ATMs, branches and sub-branches of BASIC Bank and tracking transaction location to prevent fraudulent activities on your account while using the app.

2.5 Transaction Information: Since this is a financial app, customers can do many different types of transactions through the app. We collect some information related to these transactions in order to comply with regulatory requirements as well as to ensure that customers can review their own transactions later.

2.6 Device Binding: As a financial app, security is of paramount importance to us. Hence, we need to ensure that only one device is using the app at a given point of time. To ensure this, we collect customer’s device unique ID during registration. This device information is stored and later used to authenticate if the customer is logging in from the registered device.

3. Employees' Access to the Information

Each of our authorized employees is required to adhere to our commitment herein specifically our dedication safeguarding the privacy of your Information at all times. Failure by our respective authorized employees herein to comply with the same and generally the terms of this Privacy Policy shall be met with the necessary disciplinary action according to the policy of BASIC Bank and the law of the land.

4. Security Measures Employed to Safeguard the Privacy of the Information

It is our policy to ensure that adequate and stringent security controls, measures and protocols are employed to safeguard the privacy of your Information, all of which shall continue even after whatever contractual relationship between you and us has come to an end. While we shall use our best efforts to ensure that the privacy of all Information is kept secure, please note that it is an accepted fact that no data transmission conducted over the Internet and/or through other electronic channels can be guaranteed to be wholly secured. Further thereto, we shall neither be held responsible nor liable for any damages or losses which you may suffer, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the said Information being stolen, tampered with, copied, abused, misused or otherwise violated.

5. Sharing of Information

In view of our strict compliance to The Bankers’ Book Evidence Act, 1891 and Bank Company Act, 1991; we do not disclose your Information to any third party or external organization unless you have consented to such disclosure. 

Notwithstanding the generality of this Privacy Policy and while we shall, at all times, endeavor to safeguard the privacy of your Information, we may nevertheless disclose your Information to other third parties where such disclosure: -

Is requested or authorized by you;
Is used for the purpose of completing, verifying or restricting any transaction made by you;
Is made to the Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh) pursuant to its request;
Is lawfully permitted or required;
Is in compliance with any judicial order or legal requirement;
Is required to protect and defend us and our property; and
Is required to protect the interests of the public including but not limited to the detection of crimes and the apprehension of criminals.

6. Customer's Choices in Respect of the Provision of the information

While you are neither bound nor obligated to provide us with any of your Information, your choice not to do so (whether due to your disagreement with the methods employed by us to safeguard the privacy of your Information or otherwise) may result in you being prohibited from accessing or making full use of our products and services, neither of which shall render us responsible or liable for.

7. Accuracy of the Information

Please note that the accuracy of your Information provided to us is essential, among others, to provision of our products and services to you. It is therefore a term and condition governing the provision of our products and services that you undertake to ensure the accuracy, completeness and correctness of all Information which you disclose, share, exchange or otherwise provide to us by updating and notifying the Bank in writing or by such other means the Bank deems acceptable of any changes in the Information.

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may add to, delete, or change the terms of this Policy from time to time by posting a notice of the change (or an amended Policy) on this App. Your continued use of the App or any online service following notification will constitute your agreement to the revised Policy.

9. Questions about this Privacy Policy

Should you also have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Call Centre / ADC or e-mail us, at the contact number and address as specified below:

CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE: +880241070850, +8801771449352, +8801791833363, +8801329672891, +8801329672890, +8801329709735

10. Website Links

Please note that or websites may contain hyperlinks to other websites not operated by us. A link to such websites is not an endorsement of the contents of such websites and we make no warranties as to the information contained in such websites. We are not responsible for the contents, or the privacy practices, of these websites.

11. Complaints Handling

Complaints if any relating to any matter herein can be made and sent to the following address and/or by contacting us by telephone and/or facsimile at the following numbers: 

Call Center / Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC)

Telephone: +880241070850, +8801771449352, +8801791833363, +8801329672891, +8801329672890, +8801329709735

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