Current Deposit Account

BASIC Bank offers customers current deposit facility which is an easy-to-use account for daily business transactions with no restriction, instant access and withdrawals of money in anywhere in Bangladesh. Features: * Opening deposit is minimum Tk.500/-(Tk. Five...

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BASIC Premium Plus Current Account

A current deposit account with free remittance facility for bank's premium customers only where some interest benefit may be rewarded based on average monthly balance. Features: * Opening deposit is minimum 10,000/-(Tk. Ten Thousand). * Cheque-book,...

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Special Notice Deposit (SME)

BASIC Bank provides Special Notice Deposit Account facility for corporate customers for day-to-day business operations. Any individual or corporate body can open Special Notice Deposit Account, which is an interest bearing deposit account, for a short period of time. However, 7 days of notice is required...

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Fixed Term Deposit

BASIC Bank offers fixed term deposit to boost up customers savings in time. One can deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed period to get attractive rate of return. Features: A non-transferrable instrument (FDR) to be issued in favor of account holder. Taxes...

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