Why Basic

Why basic?


BASIC Bank Limited is a 100% state-owned Bank. The Bank has been unique in its objectives- blending of development and commercial banking. It takes pride in itself as the pioneer in financing to Small and Medium Scale industries, being inspirited by its Memorandum with a stipulation that, 50 percent of loanable funds shall be invested in Small and Medium Scale industries. The Bank is directly contributing to various development projects. Besides this, the Bank is performing an important role in the socio-economic development of the country by giving various loans such as microcredit, agricultural loan, and agriculture-based industrial loan, woman entrepreneurship credit, consumer credit along with other loans. At the same time, BASIC Bank is providing foreign trade services like facilitating import and export businesses to its customer as well as remittance services. All the branches of the Bank are covered under the Online Banking facility. Besides, BASIC Bank offers ATM Booth and Debit & VISA Card services to its clients.  

BASIC Bank is giving more emphasis on finding out new avenues of banking, expanding business areas,s and developing customer services with transparency and accountability.

Professor Dr. Abul Hashem

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