Citizen Charter (সেবা প্রদান প্রতিশ্রুতি)

Focal Point Officer/ Committee

  Focal Point Officer Substitute Focal Point Officer
Name: Helena Perveen Nitul Kanti Saha
Designation: Deputy General Manager (DGM) Assistant General Manager (AGM)
Office Name: BASIC Bank Limited BASIC Bank Limited
Division: Research & Development  Research & Development 
Phone / Mobile Number: 02-223359174 02-223359174

Citizen's Charter

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01. Citizen Charter- March, 2022 Click here (545 KB)
02. Citizen Charter- June, 2022 Click here (545 KB)
03. Citizen Charter- September, 2022 Click here (4.85 MB)

Training & Meeting with Stakeholders

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01. Training & Meeting with stakeholders - June 2022 Click here (7.31 MB)
02. Training & Meeting with stakeholders - September 2022 Click here (5.21 MB)

Implementation Report/ Minutes

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01. Implementation Reports or Minutes - June 2022 Click here (2.61 MB)
02. Implementation Reports or Minutes - September 2022 Click here (2.11 MB)

Cabinet Division's Guidelines of Citizen's Charter

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01. Cabinet Division's Guidelines of Citizen's Charter Click here

Link of Different Forms

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01. Account Opening in BASIC Click here